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Which Lebanese Singer Elie Berberian Wishes To Sing With?

Stacey Avédikian Arabian – World Stars Mag

Elie Berberian’s first ever experience of singing in public was at the age of 5 where upon his teachers request he sang the famous “Barzir Aghpur “ song in a crowded classroom at his school.

At only 10 years old he was able to capture the admiration of his audience at his first concert where he performed 24 Armenian patriotic songs!

With popular demand, a second recital was organized, and this time sold out status was announced 2 months before and the 1100 seats theatre was full with significant amount of audience standing up to hear the little boy sing.

He finished his studies in the National Conservatory of Lebanon in 2005 and moved to Montreal-Canada to finish his musical education with a masters degree in music from the prestigious McGill University.

Since his arrival to Canada, Elie Berberian won the love and admiration of thousands of Armenian fans around the world. He sang in nearly every major Armenian festival in north America and has been blessed with a busy schedule of concerts, festivals, weddings and private events ever since.

We, World Stars Mag, met the Lebanese-Armenian-Canadian famous singer Elie Berberian upon his visit to Los Angeles, and we had an exclusive and interesting interview with him who introduced us his music career and upcoming events, and we wish him all the best.

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